August 15, 2022
How to Set Up Multiple User Profiles on Android
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Do you have multiple family members needing to use one phone? Some Android devices provide multi-user support so that each person can have their own user space. This means you can share your phone with colleagues and friends without worrying about them accessing your files. In this tutorial, we’ll cover what user profiles are and how the functionality differs from Guest Mode on Android, then dive into how you can set up multiple user profiles on an Android phone.
What is the Latest Version of Android?
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The Android operating system is the most widespread mobile device operating system in the world. There’s always a new version of Android around the corner, so there’s a good chance you’re not running the latest version. Do you have the latest version? We’ll show you how to check what version of Android you have, what the latest version offers, how to update, and what’s next for Android.